Life Begins With You
Donate Life PA Campaign
Organ donation campaigns traditionally trend towards emotional heart-strings, donor families and testimonials. When I began work on a new campaign for Pennsylvania, this had been the state of affairs in their marketing for a long-time. As a state that had hovered around 50% designations for decades, previous efforts had failed to make the important difference. A different approach was needed. The creative strategy that I developed looked to provide that difference, by focusing on the positive, life-affirming choice that research showed most people made in five seconds... the choice to become an organ donor.

The campaign launched strong and over its two year run organ donations increased by upwards of 6.5%. To this day, it remains a campaign I am extremely proud of - and not just because I also wrote the song!
 Another version of the song, performed by the group "Three", that shows the versatility of the song. Other versions were planned to hit multiple demographics, but never executed.
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