The American Institute of Architects
Walk the Walk Campaign
  In 2007 the American Institute of Architects dedicated itself to educating its 90,000 members, and all of their
constituencies, to the idea that architects could make a difference to the environment by applying already-known principles of design, construction, and energy conservation. Few laymen understand that the built environment, not automobiles, accounts for over 68% of all carbon emissions in the United States. If buildings could be greener, then so could the planet. And architects could lead the charge.

My challenge was to create a new brand - under the existing AIA brand architecture - that would symbolically represent in iconic form the hundreds of varied disciplines, techniques and architectural processes that 90,000 members represent.

The result is one of those iconic symbols that seems obvious after the fact, but that represents hundreds of man hours, research and hard work to create.
The portal page that was integrated into the AIA main site. The portal is still up and running ( as of this writing ) at:
The launch video produced mostly for internal launch promotion within the AIA for the Walk the Walk campaign. The video did win several awards and generated hundreds of thousands of impressions.
 All materials used in the campaign were also sustainable and recycled, where possible. One example is this CD package using recycled paper and soy ink based hand-stamps.
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