The following collects a sampling of just some of the many advertising campaigns I've worked on over the years. For the most part I was solely responsible for the creation of the ads seen here, specific credits are given below each ad if needed.
 The Hoover Company National print campaign. This was the very first targeted print campaign from Hoover and ran in national women's magazines. Art Direction, Copywriting, Design and photoshop work.
 Another ad in the Hoover series. Same credits as above.
Heinz Red Zone ad. This ad was created and ran in each of the HRZ markets, so each one featured a different team and their respective logo on the burger. Creative direction and Copywriting. 
 One of a series of print ads for The Southern Brick Institute that ran in Southern Living magazine. Finding a way to promote "lifestyle" brick choices was extremely challenging.
 Part of a re-branding campaign for Dollar Bank. Developed the "Mutually Inspired" position and a series of television and print support campaign elements. Brand development, Creative Direction, Copywriting and design.
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